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Jeddy Nevells owner and creator of Naturally Jammin.

Where the Buzz Began


My name is Jeddy Nevells, I am the owner and creator of Naturally Jammin. Our sweet business was born August 26, 2013 and it's been buzzin ever since..

We are located in Limington, a small but great town in southern Maine. 

Population approximately  4000

Who inspired me to start Jammin?


I would like to share with you my husband's Weight loss journey and why pure honey has become a big part of our diet.

My name is Mike; I would like to share my weight loss journey and my personal experience with diabetes, processed sugar and honey.

I was first diagnosed with diabetes in 2004, had an A1C of over 8.4 the doctor wanted to start me on an insulin regimen which I immediately refused over the course of the next 8 years I was able to prove to myself and the doctors that I could control my disease with a strict diet if I chose to do so, to be honest most of the time I chose not.

I have fought an an almost endless battle with obesity.

My journey began on the morning of November 7th, 2011, I had been feeling poorly the last few months prior to this day, in the back of my mind I had a good idea as to why, but I continued to ignore the warning signs.

on the morning of the 7th it came to a point that I could no longer ignore, so I reluctantly decided to check my blood sugar and at no surprise to me it was 385, my suspicion was correct. As I sat there looking at my glucose meter and thinking to myself that this could no longer be ignored, I decided that I had two options, one was to continue down this road i was on with this deadly and debilitating disease deciding my fate for me or I could change my life and fight this face to face, I chose to fight.

I am proud to say I am coming up on my 2 year anniversary and I have lost a total of 160 pounds.

My last A1C was under 5, I am no longer considered a diabetic, and all of this was achieved with proper diet and exercise. Pure Maine Honey is my only source of sweetener I use as it does not affect my glucose.

My wife has created many delicious recipes using honey and with its great taste and my success, I would have to say I am the person who inspired her to start Jammin.

Mike Nevells weight loss journey.

Before / After

Our Sweet Business

Our granddaughter Madison helping us pick Apples.

Pure love

Pure deliciousness

Pure sweetness

We start with using whole fruit in our products, some  being hand selected!

Honeybees at work!

Pure sweetness

Pure deliciousness

Pure sweetness

Our products are sweetened by some of the sweetest Honeybees around! 

Our delicious Raspberry Jam.

Pure deliciousness

Pure deliciousness

Pure deliciousness

 Our Jams, Fruit Butters and Syrups are made with all natural ingredients and sweetened only with pure Honey. 

How sweet is that!!